Nowrooz celebration for aspiration

di Maryam Chaharbaleshi

In Iranian calendar commence of the New Year is coincide with the spring equinox. Whole ceremonies relevant to celebration of the New year is called Nowrooz. Nowrooz, is an ancient tradition that Iranian has celebrated it for centuries in honor of the coming the spring and beginning the New year. In terms of customs, Nowrooz includes a series of ceremonies that starts a week before the first of the spring and it lasts approximately three weeks. In terms of the geography it is worth mentioning that although the heart of the celebration, today, is Iran, millions of people comprising Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, part of Indian that are called Parsian, Turkey and even some countries in Europe like Kozovo celebrate it.  Also, UNESCO has listed the first day of the spring as one of the world cultural heritage that is called “International day of Nowrooz”

Regardless of countries and people celebrate Nowrooz, it is believed that its excellent concept not only has contributed permanence of this culture, but also has conserved it from serious threats over centuries; therefore we can see neither attack of Arabs to Iran nor outbreak of COVID-19 over this two years has suspended it, though people have carried out special rites with COVID-19 restrictions.

It is the main question that what is the mystery of durability of this custom? In fact, the coincidence of Nowrooz and spring represent piece with nature. From another point of view, leaving the though winter behind carries the message of the new life after resistance against difficulties; hence it is said that Nowrooz is fest of aspiration in which people celebrate hope that is inspired by the nature.

Several points lie in the concept of Nowrooz. Nowrooz teaches us, as long as the nature restarts its life, individuals must be hopeful as well to overcome challenges. These days, in which serious threats have surrounded us this concept is so meaningful. Although each of our lives unexpectedly is in danger, still there is hope to combat difficulties. This is the soul of the Nowrooz that Iranians celebrate it.